1. If your ladder is wood, lay it flat and walk along the rungs. You'll find the weak ones-safety-this way.
  2. Don't use a wood ladder that has been painted. You can't see weak spots through a coat of paint.
  3. Don't try to put up a ladder where there are power-line wires overhead.
  4. Select a level, solid resting place for the feet of the ladder.
  5. Place the feet of the ladder one-fourth its length away from the wall. At this angle you can't overbalance and fall backward.
  6. Before you start carrying materials up the ladder, be sure you have a place to put them when you get to the top.
  7. Cans of liquid materials should be fitted with hooks on handles so they can be hung from the ladder.
  8. If there's a strong wind blowing, stay on the ground.
  9. Don't carry tools loosely in your pocket. They may fall on someone down below.
  10. Don't try to reach from the ladder. take the time to move over.

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